Aristeia is pleased to announce our collaboration with Semcon Norway, an international technology company at Kongsberg, to finalize the development of its tourniquet. 

The collaboration will enable Aristeia to advance the performance and design of current Gen4 prototype. In particular, the project will address design for manufacturing to reduce the complexity of production and assembly procedure. Semcon has broad experience in life science as well as working with robust transmission systems and mechanical solutions within various industries, such as the energy and mobility sectors, which translates well to Aristeia’s tourniquet technology.  

“This project is a great example of how we at Semcon can provide our experience and expertise to help realise a really good idea that will end up helping a lot of people. And, at the same time we are showing how product development can be done in a more sustainable way”, says Kristina Schnell, project manager at Semcon Norway.   

The prototypes delivered through the collaboration are scheduled for delivery to international test programs and pilot customers. Aristeia is looking forward to continuing its development through Norwegian contractors.  

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